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Austin, TX, United States
rubigirl photography was created out of my desire to capture special moments for my friends and family. i found so much pleasure in it that i decided to make a career out of it. i shoot in a photo journalist style as i love candid shots and feel it is the best way to capture a moment. the name rubigirl photography was born out of my love for my dog rubi. when she looks at you with her big amber eyes you know that you are the most important person in her life at that moment. i feel the same way when capturing a special event or time in a person's life, you are the most important person in my life at that moment. if you would like to contact me for information you can email me at RubigirlPhotography@gmail.com

Friday, October 19, 2007

victoria & abi

about a month ago i had the pleasure of photographing my cousins. they are very fashion savvy and i couldn't wait to capture them with my camera. we shot these on s congress, which is a great location. my favorite place was the hotel san jose. absolutely beautiful and serene.

Monday, October 8, 2007

mike & laura

i had an unexpected opportunity to work with chris lewis with lewis digital on saturday night. he and his wife beth were so nice, i loved meeting them. they work so well together and it was a joy to learn from them. the wedding was a learning experience in more ways than one. first shooting a wedding is always good experience, second i had the "joy" of learning what it is like to have equipment fail. i'm so glad to learn this now as a second shooter. one of my memory cards....the big one by the way...went caputsky. i lost approx 15o images out of 300 photos. devastating to realize that so much hard work was lost. bigger is not always better...a hard lesson for us texans to learn. here are the one's that survived that i love best.

it was very important for the groomsmen to keep tabs on the texas ou game.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

this morning i had a fun shoot with my friends brian, wendi and robbie their little boy. we shot at southpark meadows, it's a strip center but they've done a fabulous job of making it a beautiful place to be, as well as a fun place for the kids. the developers built an awesome park in the center. we took some posed shots of the whole family and then let robbie loose on the playground where i got some great shots of him. i think the great thing about photographing kids is that you set up for one shot and come out with something completely different and even greater due to their spontaneity. this is my second time to photograph brian, wendi and robbie. i was so glad for the opportunity since wendi is one of my dearest friends and i love hanging out with her.