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Austin, TX, United States
rubigirl photography was created out of my desire to capture special moments for my friends and family. i found so much pleasure in it that i decided to make a career out of it. i shoot in a photo journalist style as i love candid shots and feel it is the best way to capture a moment. the name rubigirl photography was born out of my love for my dog rubi. when she looks at you with her big amber eyes you know that you are the most important person in her life at that moment. i feel the same way when capturing a special event or time in a person's life, you are the most important person in my life at that moment. if you would like to contact me for information you can email me at RubigirlPhotography@gmail.com

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

christmas cupcakes

my lovely mom got me this amazing cookbook, "hello, cupcake". i always wanted to be the mom who brought the cool cupcakes to my child's school celebrations. and while that may not be a reality with all the rules schools have now with so many food allergies, i can rock the cupcakes at home.

i decided this year to make cupcakes part of my contribution to the christmas feast, we have two to attend this year. even though the process of making the cupcake creation took place over a three day period, this is usually a huge turn off for me, i had so much fun making and dreaming of what the outcome would be that it really didn't matter. i'm trying not to brag, but i really feel like my endeavor was a huge success. i haven't presented my creation to the family yet so you all get a sneak peak at the baking process. if you dream of being a master baker i would encourage you to pick up this book. it takes what should be a very messy time intensive process and turns it into a userfriendly super fun time.

mine didn't turn out quit like the photo because i have two wreaths to make and was worried about running out of leaves.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

debbie + tate's wedding

debbie and tate are such an amazing couple. their love for their friends, family and especially the lord was so apparent at this wedding. something debbie's matron of honor said really stuck with me. she called debbie her 3am friend, meaning even at 3 in the morning debbie is there for her friends with love and support. there's no doubt in my mind that is true after spending the evening with this wonderful couple.

the wedding took place at vintage villas on lake travis. a great venue from a photographers perspective, my favorite so far. a bit windy this day, but that didn't seem to matter. the food and staff were great. debbies hair and make-up was done by leslie, leschiang@gmail.com, love her too by the way, she did an amazing job.

i am so happy that i was able to be apart of debbie and tate's day.

tate's mom was unable to attend the wedding due to illness. she did, however, get to watch via skype. pretty cool.